SK805 : 皮肤疾病谱芯片,79例/80点
  • ¥1,785.00
产品详细描述 皮肤疾病谱组织微阵列,包含12例鳞癌,12例基底细胞癌,12例恶性黑色素瘤,10例尖锐湿疣,6例乳头状瘤,1例寻常瘤,1例囊肿,6例增生,5例癌旁组织,5例炎症,5癌旁正常组织和5例正常组织,每例一点
点 数 80
西安艾丽娜生物组织芯片 SK805
例 数 79
行 数 8
列 数 10
直径(mm) 1.5
厚度(µm) 5
质 检 Anti-Actin confirmed
组织阵列类型 石蜡包埋
种 属 人类
应 用 常规组织学操作包括免疫组织化学(IHC)和原位杂交(ISH),可以在我们的技术支持页面找到操作流程。
Notes: 1. TMA slides were sectioned and stored at 4°C and may not be fresh cut, but still suitable for IHC. Please request fresh cut if experiment involves phospho-specific antibodies, RNA studies, FISH or ISH, etc. A minimum of 3 slides per TMA must be purchased to cover the cost of trimming for fresh sectioning.
2. Most of the TMA slides were not coated with an extra layer of paraffin (tissue cores can be easily seen on the glass). We still recommend 30 minutes of baking at 60°C before putting into xylene for de-paraffinization procedure.
Mouseover and click individual cores to view high resolution images.
Slide Label: US Biomax, Inc. Tissue Array
Legend: Ski - Skin, Vul - Vulva

- AT, - Benign tumor, - Cyst, - Hyperplasia, - Inflammation, - Malignant tumor, - Malignant tumor (stage I), - Malignant tumor (stage II), - Malignant tumor (stage III), - Malignant tumor (stage IV), - NAT, - Normal tissue

Specification Sheet (Sortable), tissue IDs are available in exported Excel files.

TNM grading:

T - Primary tumor
Tx - Primary tumor cannot be assessed
T0 - No evidence of primary tumor
Tis - Carcinoma in situ; intraepithelial or invasion of lamina propria
T1 - Tumor invades submucosa
T2 - Tumor invades muscularis propria
T3 - Tumor invades through muscularis propria into subserosa or into non-peritonealized pericolic or perirectal tissues.
T4 - Tumor directly invades other organs or structures and/or perforate visceral peritoneum

N - Regional lymph nodes
Nx - Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
N0 - No regional lymph node metastasis
N1 - Metastasis in 1 to 3 regional lymph nodes
N2 - Metastasis in 4 or more regional lymph nodes

M - Distant metastasis
Mx - Distant metastasis cannot be assessed
M0 - No distant metastasis
M1 - Distant metastasis




标签: 疾病进展(病变谱), 疾病, 含有边缘组织, 含有边缘组织, 临床资料(TNM), 每例单点