BC04002a : 肺疾病谱组织组合芯片,含TNM,临床分期和病理分级,100例/100点,替代BC04002
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产品详细描述 肺疾病谱组织微阵列芯片,包含鳞状细胞癌和腺癌各20例,小细胞未分化癌和细支气管肺泡癌各10例,不典型类癌5例,转移性鳞状细胞癌10例,炎性假瘤和肺结核组织各5例,10例边缘正常肺组织,5例尸解组织,一例一点
点 数 100
西安艾丽娜生物组织芯片 BC04002a
例 数 100
行 数 10
列 数 10
直径(mm) 1.5
厚度(µm) 5
Quality control H&E and IHC confirmed
组织阵列类型 石蜡包埋
种 属 人类
应 用 常规组织学操作包括免疫组织化学(IHC)和原位杂交(ISH),可以在我们的技术支持页面找到操作流程。
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Slide Label: US Biomax, Inc. Tissue Array
Legend: Lun - Lung, Lym - Lymph node

- Benign tumor, - Malignant tumor (stage I), - Malignant tumor (stage IA), - Malignant tumor (stage IB), - Malignant tumor (stage II), - Malignant tumor (stage IIA), - Malignant tumor (stage IIB), - Malignant tumor (stage IIIA), - Malignant tumor (stage IIIB), - Metastasis, - NAT, - Normal tissue

Specification Sheet (Sortable), tissue IDs are available in exported Excel files.

TNM grading:

The American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) TNM system
T groups
TX: Primary tumor cannot be assessed
T0: No evidence of primary tumor
T1: A single tumor (any size) that hasn't grown into blood vessels
T2: Either a single tumor (any size) that has grown into blood vessels, OR more than one tumor where no tumor is larger than 5 cm (about 2 inches) across
T3a: Multiple tumors with at least one tumor that is greater than 5 cm (about 2 inches) across
T3b: At least one tumor (any size) that has grown into a major branch of the large veins of the liver (the portal and hepatic veins)
T4: The tumor has grown into a nearby organ (other than the gallbladder), OR the tumor is growing into the thin layer of tissue covering the liver (called the visceral peritoneum)
N groups
NX: Regional (nearby) lymph nodes cannot be assessed.
N0: The cancer has not spread to the regional lymph nodes.
N1: The cancer has spread to the regional lymph nodes.
M groups
M0: The cancer has not spread to distant lymph nodes or other organs.
M1: The cancer has spread to distant lymph nodes or other organs.




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