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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price Download
Unk030058B Unk030058B Angioleiomy liposarcoma of right renal with necrosis Right renal carcinoma Inquiry
Uuh020188B Uuh020188B Adenocarcinoma of urethra (grade II) infiltrating muscular layer Carcinoma of urethra Inquiry
Uuh020263B Uuh020263B Squamous cell carcinoma of urethra (grade I) Carcinoma of urethra Inquiry
Uuh020270B Uuh020270B Transitional cell carcinoma of urethra (grade II) Carcinoma of penis Inquiry
Uuh020408B Uuh020408B Malignant melanoma infiltrating all lagers of urethra Carcinoma of urethra Inquiry
Uuh020454B Uuh020454B Carcinoma in situ of urethra Carcinoma of urethra Inquiry
Uuh030067B Uuh030067B Transitional cell carcinoma of Urethra Urethra carcinoma Inquiry