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Soft Tissues-Striated muscles

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
Spb010105B Spb010105B Pleomorphic malignant fibrous histiocytoma Retroperitoneal tumor Inquiry
Srm010032B Srm010032B Mesenchymoma Cervical region lession Inquiry
Srm010123B Srm010123B Chordoma of low malignant potential Chordoma Inquiry
Srm030016B Srm030016B Sacrococcygeal malignant melanoma Sacrococcygeal tumor Inquiry
Srm030018B Srm030018B Pleomorphism rhabdomyosarcoma of anterior right thigh (high malignant) Right thigh tumor Inquiry
Srm030086E Srm030086E Myositis ossificans of left thigh Lump of left thigh Inquiry
Srm030089B Srm030089B Rhabdomyosarcoma of left leg Sarcoma of left leg Inquiry
Srm030153B Srm030153B Pleomorphism rhabdomyosarcoma of right upper arm Tumor of right upper arm Inquiry
Srm030161E Srm030161E Myositis assificans of right thigh Chondroma Inquiry
Srm030172B Srm030172B Pleomorphism rhabdomyosarcoma of right thigh (high malignant) Sarcoma of right thigh Inquiry
Srm030213B Srm030213B (Right chest wall) infiltrating duct carcinoma of breast Chest wall lump of unknown origin Inquiry
Srm030265B Srm030265B (Left thigh) squamous cell carcinoma (grade III) infiltrating skeletal muscles and connective tissue with carcinoma metastasis Tumor of thigh Inquiry
Srm030278E Srm030278E (Left leg) tubercle of conective tissue and skeletal muscles Sarcoma of left leg gastrocnemius Inquiry
Srm030336B Srm030336B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of abdominal wall (grade III) Sarcoma Inquiry
Srm030351B Srm030351B Alveolar soft tissue sarcoma of left thigh Malignant tumor of left thigh Inquiry
Srm030379W Srm030379W Right hollow of the knee neurofibroma Right hollow of the knee tumor Inquiry
Srm030423E Srm030423E Proliferative myositis of right greater pectoral muscle Intramuscular lump Inquiry