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Soft Tissues-Fatty tissue

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Sft010005B Sft010005B NULL Inquiry
Sft010006B Sft010006B NULL Inquiry
Sft010007B Sft010007B Lipoma Inquiry
Sft010008B Sft010008B NULL Inquiry
Sft010011B Sft010011B Sclerosing basaaliod carcinoma Inquiry
Sft010033B Sft010033B Lymphangioma Inquiry
Sft010042B Sft010042B Mucinous liposarcoma of right thigh Inquiry
Sft010094B Sft010094B Retroperitoneal liposarcoma Inquiry
Sft010116B Sft010116B Mucinous malignant fibrous histiocytoma of left shoulder Inquiry
Sft020005B Sft020005B Liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Sft020030B Sft020030B Retroperitoneal liposarcoma Inquiry
Sft020037B Sft020037B fusiform cell sarcoma of left cheek Inquiry
Sft020070B Sft020070B Mucinous liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Sft020104B Sft020104B Liposarcoma of lumbar part Inquiry
Sft020110B Sft020110B Liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Sft020116B Sft020116B Mucinous liposarcoma of back Inquiry
Sft020118B Sft020118B Mucinous liposarcoma of rigth lumbar part Inquiry
Sft020169B Sft020169B Pleomorphic liposarcoma of abdomen Inquiry
Sft020188B Sft020188B Lipoma-like liposarcoma of peritoneum Inquiry
Sft020198B Sft020198B Mucinous liposarcoma of left oxter Inquiry
Sft020203B Sft020203B Mucinous liposarcoma of right thigh Inquiry
Sft020247B Sft020247B Lipoma-like liposarcoma Inquiry
Sft020265B Sft020265B Liposarcoma of right thigh inferior segment Inquiry
Sft020338B Sft020338B Liposarcoma of left thigh Inquiry
Sft030017W Sft030017W Pleomorphism liposarcoma of right leg (high malignant) Inquiry
Sft030024B Sft030024B Ganglioneuroma of pelvic Inquiry
Sft030030B Sft030030B Angijolipoma of right upper limb Inquiry
Sft030034W Sft030034W Angiolipoma of upper lip Inquiry
Sft030051B Sft030051B Myxoid liposarcoma of left lower limb Inquiry
Sft030054W Sft030054W Liposarcoma of retroperitoneum (grade I) Inquiry
Sft030066B Sft030066B Mucinous liposarcoma of retroperitomenu Inquiry
Sft030071B Sft030071B (Left retroperitoneum) metastatic poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma of fibrofatty tissue Inquiry
Sft030072B Sft030072B Metastatic moderate differentiated adenocarcinoma of abdominal wall of fibrofatty tissue Inquiry
Sft030094W Sft030094W Fibrolipoma of left abdomen Inquiry
Sft030113B Sft030113B Mucinous liposarcoma of right upper limb Inquiry
Sft030116W Sft030116W lipoma of occipital Inquiry
Sft030118W Sft030118W Lipoma of back Inquiry
Sft030152B Sft030152B Mucinous liposarcoma of right leg Inquiry
Sft030156B Sft030156B Mucinous liposarcoma of left thigh Inquiry
Sft030193B Sft030193B Mucinous liposarcoma of left thigh Inquiry
Sft030194B Sft030194B Well differentiated liposarcoma of right thigh Inquiry
Sft030195B Sft030195B Liposarcoma Inquiry
Sft030198B Sft030198B Lipoma-like lipoma of retropenitonem Inquiry
Sft030199W Sft030199W Liposarcoma of left thigh Inquiry
Sft030226B Sft030226B Myxoid liposarcoma of left thigh Inquiry
Sft030232B Sft030232B Abdomen lipoma Inquiry
Sft030233W Sft030233W Lipoma of right upper abdomen Inquiry
Sft030234W Sft030234W Lipoma of right shoulder Inquiry
Sft030249B Sft030249B Lipoma-like liposarcoma of right leg Inquiry
Sft030260B Sft030260B Liposarcoma of back Inquiry
Sft030276W Sft030276W Lipoma of greater lip of pudendum Inquiry
Sft030290B Sft030290B Myxoid liposarcoma of lower abdominal wall Inquiry
Sft030296B Sft030296B Subhepatic myxoid liposarcoma Inquiry
Sft030311W Sft030311W Lipoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Sft030312B Sft030312B Retroperitoneum liposarcoma (grade I) Inquiry
Sft030314B Sft030314B Myxoid liposarcoma of right adrenal gland Inquiry
Sft030319B Sft030319B Isolated fibroma of chest wall (low malignant) Inquiry
Sft030320B Sft030320B Myxoid liposarcoma Inquiry
Sft030335B Sft030335B Malignant neurilemmoma of abdominal wall Inquiry
Sft030353B Sft030353B Myxoid liposarcoma of left thigh Inquiry
Sft030391W Sft030391W Lipoma of right shoulder Inquiry
Sft030394B Sft030394B (Right oxter) metastatic undifferentiated adenocarcinoma of fibrofatty tissue Inquiry
Sft030395W Sft030395W Lipoma of left upper limb Inquiry
Sft030396W Sft030396W Lipoma of abdomen Inquiry
Sft030397W Sft030397W Lipoma of left lower limb Inquiry
Sft030398W Sft030398W Adenolipoma of breast Inquiry
Sft030399W Sft030399W Back lipoma Inquiry
Sft030407B Sft030407B Mucoid leiomyoma Inquiry
Sft030417B Sft030417B Plemorphism rhabdomyosarcoma of left thigh (high malignant) Inquiry

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