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Soft Tissues-Blood vessel

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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
Sbv010065B Sbv010065B Cystoid angioma Angioma Inquiry
Sbv010066B Sbv010066B Squamous carcinoma Cervicel region lession Inquiry
Sbv010071B Sbv010071B Hemolymphangioma Hemolymphangioma Inquiry
Sbv010097B Sbv010097B Angiocavernoma Cervicel region lession Inquiry
Sbv010103B Sbv010103B Angioma of low manglinant potential Thigh lession Inquiry
Sbv030039B Sbv030039B Maligant hemangiopericytoma of waist Liposarcoma Inquiry
Sbv030092W Sbv030092W Fatty angiomatous hyperplasia of back Racemosum lymphangioma of back Inquiry
Sbv030109B Sbv030109B Junctional hemangioendothelioma of zygoma (low malignant) Lump of zygoma Inquiry
Sbv030130W Sbv030130W Hemangiopericytoma of shoulder Lump of shoulder Inquiry
Sbv030137W Sbv030137W Cavernous hemangioma of right orbit Cavernous hemangioma of right orbit Inquiry
Sbv030155W Sbv030155W Myenteric rasemosum hemangioma of left leg with focal thrombus in blood vessel Malignant tumor Inquiry
Sbv030171B Sbv030171B Angiosarcoma of right elbow joint (moderate malignant) Malignant tumor of right elbow joint Inquiry
Sbv030177E Sbv030177E Ascending aorta tumor Ascending aorta tumor Inquiry
Sbv030208W Sbv030208W Spindle cell hemangioendothelioma of right groin Lump of right groin Inquiry
Sbv030237W Sbv030237W Venous haemangioma of left leg Glomus tumor Inquiry
Sbv030247W Sbv030247W Angiomyoma of left lower limb Left lower limb ache of unknown origin Inquiry
Sbv030262B Sbv030262B Metastatic thyroid papillary carcinoma of superior vena cava Tumor of superior vena cava Inquiry
Sbv030282E Sbv030282E Atheromatous of brain basilar artery Sclerosing hemorrhage of brain basilar artery Inquiry
Sbv030289E Sbv030289E (Great saphenous vein) vein wall with mild hyperplasia of connective tissue Varices Inquiry
Sbv030305E Sbv030305E Mild hyperplasia of fibrous tissue from artery middle layer Hyperplasia of artery Inquiry
Sbv030307E Sbv030307E Varices with thrombus organization Varices Inquiry
Sbv030309E Sbv030309E Varices of lower limb Varices Inquiry
Sbv030317E Sbv030317E Varicosis Great saphenous vein varicosis Inquiry
Sbv030318E Sbv030318E Varicosis Varicosis of lower limb Inquiry
Sbv030389W Sbv030389W Capillary haemangioma of nuchae Haemangioma Inquiry
Sbv030390W Sbv030390W Capillary haemangiom of right upper arm Haemangioma Inquiry
Sbv030414W Sbv030414W Carotid body tumor of carotid Carotid body tumor Inquiry
Sbv030420W Sbv030420W Capillary haemangioma of head and chest Haemangioma of chest Inquiry