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Lumen of body-Mesentery

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Amt020013B Amt020013B Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt020028B Amt020028B Leiomyosarcoma (low malignant) Inquiry
Amt020029B Amt020029B Malignant Neurilemmoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt020057B Amt020057B Leiomyosarcoma of mesentery with necrosis Inquiry
Amt020059B Amt020059B Metastatic high-differentiation adenocarcinoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt020126B Amt020126B Low-differentiation malignant leiomyosarcoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt020129B Amt020129B Mucinous liposarcoma of mesentery radix Inquiry
Amt030015B Amt030015B Low malignant mesenchymoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt030016B Amt030016B Diffuse lymphocytic malignant lymphoma, invasive muscular layer of small intestine mucosa Inquiry
Amt030029B Amt030029B Stromal sarcoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt030052B Amt030052B Metastatic clear cell carcinoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt030052W Amt030052W Metastatic clear cell carcinoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt030053B Amt030053B Malignant mesothelioma of small intestine mesentery Inquiry
Amt030055B Amt030055B Imflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of mesocolon Inquiry
Amt030060B Amt030060B Spindle cell liposarcoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt030068B Amt030068B Malignant mesenchymoma of mesentery Inquiry
Amt030110B Amt030110B (Mesentery) metastatic adencarcinoma of fibrofatty tissue (grade III) Inquiry
Amt030119B Amt030119B Metastatic serous papillary adenocarcinoma of ovaries (grade III) Inquiry
Amt030127B Amt030127B Pleomorphism leiomyosarcoma of mesentery (high malignant) Inquiry
Amt030128B Amt030128B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of mesentery fibrofatty tissue (grade III) Inquiry
Amt030191B Amt030191B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of mesentery (grade II) Inquiry
Amt030207B Amt030207B Diffuse B large cell lymphoma of mesentery (high malignant) Inquiry
Amt030224B Amt030224B Leiomyosarcoma of mesentery (low malignant) Inquiry
Amt030228B Amt030228B (Mesentery) metastatic adencarcinoma infiltrating connective tissue (grade II) Inquiry
Amt030231B Amt030231B Mesenchymoma of mesentery with cystic change (potential malignant) Inquiry

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