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Lumen of body-Post-peritoneum

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Apo010003B Apo010003B Low malignant neurilemmoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020010B Apo020010B Malignant fibrous tissue cell tumor of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020012B Apo020012B Low malignant neurilimmoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020018B Apo020018B High-differentiation liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020022W Apo020022W Ganglioneuroma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020024B Apo020024B Paraganglioma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020025B Apo020025B Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of retroperitoneal (Pleomorphism)( Inquiry
Apo020026B Apo020026B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneal (mid malignant) Inquiry
Apo020033B Apo020033B Metastasis low-differentiation adenocarcinoma Inquiry
Apo020034B Apo020034B Malignant Neurilemmoma Inquiry
Apo020040B Apo020040B Liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020043B Apo020043B Mucinous liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020045B Apo020045B Pleomorphism liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020058B Apo020058B Mid-differentiation adenocarcinoma Inquiry
Apo020060B Apo020060B Pleomorphism liposarcoma of left retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020061B Apo020061B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020066B Apo020066B Liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020081B Apo020081B Malignant neurilemmoma of retroperitoneal ?ilow malignant) Inquiry
Apo020087B Apo020087B Fibrosarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020088B Apo020088B Fibrous histiocytoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020091B Apo020091B Mucinous fibrous histiocytoma of retroperitoneal (low malignant) Inquiry
Apo020097B Apo020097B Pleomorphism leiomyosarcoma of left retroperitoneal with necrosis Inquiry
Apo020106B Apo020106B Serous and papillary adenocarcinoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020108W Apo020108W Inflammation myafibroblast tumor Inquiry
Apo020113B Apo020113B Metastatic low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of retroperitoneal tumor Inquiry
Apo020123B Apo020123B Liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020128B Apo020128B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020132B Apo020132B Malignant Schwannoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020148B Apo020148B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020157B Apo020157B High-differentiation liposarcoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo020164B Apo020164B Malignant mesenchymoma of retroperitoneal and stomach Inquiry
Apo020167B Apo020167B Lymph noed metastasis low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo030002B Apo030002B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneum Inquiry
Apo030005B Apo030005B Pleomorphism leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneum (high malignant) Inquiry
Apo030007B Apo030007B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of retroperitoneum connective tissue (grade III) with massive necrosis Inquiry
Apo030008B Apo030008B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitoneum (low malignant) Inquiry
Apo030025W Apo030025W Retroperitoneum neurilemmoma Inquiry
Apo030031B Apo030031B Pleomorphism liposarcoma of retrperitoneum (high malignant) Inquiry
Apo030037B Apo030037B Leiomyosarcoma of retroperitnoeum (low malignant) Inquiry
Apo030039B Apo030039B Sclerosing liposarcoma of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030040B Apo030040B Neuroendocrine carcinoma of retroperitoneum Inquiry
Apo030041B Apo030041B Myxoid leiomyosarcoma of retroperitnoeum (low malignant) Inquiry
Apo030076B Apo030076B Neurilblastoma of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030078W Apo030078W Retroperitnoeum paraganglioma Inquiry
Apo03007B Apo03007B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of retroperitoneum connective tissue (grade III) with massive necrosis Inquiry
Apo030080B Apo030080B Liposarcoma of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030082B Apo030082B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of abdominal wall of fibrofatty tissue (grade II) Inquiry
Apo030086B Apo030086B Paragangliom of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030102E Apo030102E Plasma cell granulomatous inflammation of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030103B Apo030103B Liposarcoma of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030113B Apo030113B Myxoid leiomyosarcoma of retroperitnoeum (low malignant) Inquiry
Apo030116W Apo030116W Liposarcoma of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030124B Apo030124B B cell malignant lymphoma of retroperitnoeum Inquiry
Apo030141B Apo030141B Pleomorphic leiomyosarcoma of left retropeitoneum (high malignant) with local mucoid degeneration Inquiry
Apo030151B Apo030151B low malignant neurilemmoma of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo030154B Apo030154B Low malignant fibroneuroma of left upper retroperitoneal Inquiry
Apo030158W Apo030158W Retroperitoneal paragandliom Inquiry
Apo030160B Apo030160B (Retroperitoneal) Diffuse B cell lymphoma infiltrating skeletal muscles tissue (cleaved and non-cleaved cell type, moderate malignant) Inquiry
Apo030163W Apo030163W Retroperitoneal neurilemmoma with cystic change Inquiry
Apo030168W Apo030168W Cystic-solid papillary tumor of retroperitoneal from pancreas Inquiry
Apo030170B Apo030170B Metastatic mucinous adenocarcinoma of retroperitoneal lymph nodes (grade II) Inquiry
Apo030174B Apo030174B Epithelioid malignant neurilemmoma of retroperitoneal (low malignant) Inquiry
Apo030176B Apo030176B Pleomorphism myofibroblastic tumour of retroperitoneal (low malignant) Inquiry
Apo030195B Apo030195B Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of retroperitoneum Inquiry
Apo030222B Apo030222B Low malignant neurilemmoma of retroperitoneum Inquiry
Apo030230B Apo030230B Mucoid liposarcoma of retroperitoneum Inquiry

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