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Kin020007B Kin020007B Malignant melanoma of anus margin Inquiry
Kin020011B Kin020011B Malignant melanoma of heel Inquiry
Kin020028B Kin020028B Malignant melanoma of vulva Inquiry
kin020031B kin020031B Malignant melanoma of right thumb Inquiry
Kin020054B Kin020054B Malignant melanoma of perianal skin Inquiry
Kin020059B Kin020059B Malignant melanoma of right heel Inquiry
Kin020083B Kin020083B Malignant melanoma of heel Inquiry
Kin020088B Kin020088B Malignant melanoma of right thumb Inquiry
Kin020132B Kin020132B Malignant melanoma of shoulder Inquiry
Kin020133B Kin020133B Malignant melanoma of back Inquiry
Kin020134B Kin020134B Malignant melanoma of thigh back Inquiry
Kin020154B Kin020154B Malignant melanoma of thigh Inquiry
Kin020164B Kin020164B Malignant melanoma of left foot back Inquiry
Kin020178B Kin020178B Malignant melanoma of right thigh Inquiry
Kin030001B Kin030001B Pleomorphism liposarcoma of left chest wall infiltrating deep skeletal muscles tissue Inquiry
Kin030002B Kin030002B Skin junctional nevus canceration of vulva with margin of normal skin tissue Inquiry
Kin030003B Kin030003B Squamous cell carcinoma of upper lip (grade I) Inquiry
Kin030004B Kin030004B Skin capillary hemangioma of cheek Inquiry
Kin030005B Kin030005B Prominent squamous cell carcinoma of perianal (grade I) infiltrating deep smooth muscle tissue Inquiry
Kin030006B Kin030006B Focal squamous cell carcinoma of occipital (grade II) in subcutaneous fibrous tissue Inquiry
Kin030007B Kin030007B Intradermal nevus of black Inquiry
Kin030008W Kin030008W Intradermal nevus of face Inquiry
Kin030009B Kin030009B Skin basal cell carcinoma of left face Inquiry
Kin030010B Kin030010B Malignant melanoma of right hand Inquiry
Kin030011B Kin030011B Mucosa chronic inflammation of left cheek with severe atypical hyperplasia of squamous epithelium Inquiry
Kin030012B Kin030012B Skin basal cell carcinoma of left malar Inquiry
Kin030013B Kin030013B Malignant melanoma of right arm Inquiry
Kin030014B Kin030014B Skin papillary squamous cell carcinoma of head (grade I) Inquiry
Kin030015B Kin030015B Skin pigmentary basal cell papilloma of chest Inquiry
Kin030016B Kin030016B Skin malignant melanoma of left foot Inquiry
Kin030017E Kin030017E Intradermal nevus of chest wall Inquiry
Kin030018B Kin030018B Malignant melanoma of right toes Inquiry
Kin030019E Kin030019E Chronic inflammation of salivary gland tissue Inquiry
Kin030020B Kin030020B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of right face Inquiry
Kin030021B Kin030021B Skin adenoid basal cell carcinoma of left lower eyelid Inquiry
Kin030022B Kin030022B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of left malar Inquiry
Kin030023B Kin030023B Skin squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of right buttock Inquiry
Kin030024B Kin030024B Verrucous squamous cell carcinoma of buttock Inquiry
Kin030025B Kin030025B Basal cell papilloma of skin Inquiry
Kin030026E Kin030026E Intradermal nerus of face Inquiry
Kin030028W Kin030028W Skin soft fibroma of left groin Inquiry
Kin030029B Kin030029B Storiform-pleomorphic malignant fibrous histiocytoma of back Inquiry
Kin030030W Kin030030W Skin fibroneuroma of left chest wall Inquiry
Kin030031B Kin030031B Malignant melanoma of chest wall Inquiry
Kin030033B Kin030033B Low malignant fibrous histiocytoma of suprastermal Inquiry
Kin030034E Kin030034E Trichoepithelioma of right eye medial Inquiry
Kin030035B Kin030035B Malignant melanoma of face Inquiry
Kin030036B Kin030036B Skin squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of left temple Inquiry
Kin030037B Kin030037B Verrucous carcinoma of right cheek Inquiry
Kin030038B Kin030038B Malignant melanoma of right abdominal wall skin Inquiry
Kin030039B Kin030039B Malignant melanoma of face Inquiry
Kin030040B Kin030040B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade II) of left wrist Inquiry
Kin030041E Kin030041E Intradermal nevus of buttock Inquiry
Kin030042B Kin030042B Malignant melanoma of abdominal wall Inquiry
Kin030043B Kin030043B Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans of right thoracic part Inquiry
Kin030044B Kin030044B Malignant melanoma of right foot sole Inquiry
Kin030045B Kin030045B Malignant melanoma of left chest wall Inquiry
Kin030046B Kin030046B Metastatic carcinoma of chest wall Inquiry
Kin030047B Kin030047B Fibroma of nuchae lump Inquiry
Kin030048E Kin030048E Skin ulcer and inflammation of chest wall with hyperplasia of squamous eithpelium Inquiry
Kin030049E Kin030049E Local mild hyperplasia of squamous epithelium Inquiry
Kin030050B Kin030050B Intradermal nevus of skin Inquiry
Kin030052B Kin030052B Local atypical hyperplasia of squamous epithelium Inquiry
Kin030053W Kin030053W Hemangioma of eyelid Inquiry
Kin030054W Kin030054W Papilloma-like pigmented nevus of face Inquiry
Kin030055W Kin030055W Capillary hemangioma of back Inquiry
Kin030056B Kin030056B Malignant melanoma of left cheek wall Inquiry
Kin030057B Kin030057B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade II) of right thumb Inquiry
Kin030058B Kin030058B Skin malignant fibrous histiocytoma of left breast, infiltrating subcutaneous part fibrofatty tissue Inquiry
Kin030059B Kin030059B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of occipital skin, infiltrating dermal deep layer Inquiry
Kin030060W Kin030060W Keratosis seborrhoeica of back skin Inquiry
Kin030061W Kin030061W Deromal fibroid of right face Inquiry
Kin030062E Kin030062E Keratosis seborrhoeica of nuchae skin Inquiry
Kin030063E Kin030063E Chronic inflammation of skin Inquiry
Kin030064E Kin030064E chronic inflammation with ulcer formation Inquiry
Kin030065E Kin030065E Skin junctional nevus of right forearm Inquiry
Kin030066B Kin030066B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade II) of right leg skin Inquiry
Kin030067E Kin030067E Intradermal nevus of left abdominal wall skin Inquiry
Kin030069B Kin030069B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade III) of face, infiltrating deep fibrous tissue and skeletal muscles tissue Inquiry
Kin030070B Kin030070B Skin neuroendocrine carcinoma of forehead Inquiry
Kin030071W Kin030071W Epidermoid cyst of groin Inquiry
Kin030072B Kin030072B Skin squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of right face Inquiry
Kin030073B Kin030073B Cutaneous papillomatosis of left thigh Inquiry
Kin030074B Kin030074B Skin malignant melanoma of left foot sole Inquiry
Kin030075B Kin030075B Squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of skin Inquiry
Kin030076B Kin030076B Adenocarcinoma (grade II) of skin Inquiry
Kin030077W Kin030077W Skin sweat glands myoepithelioma of left iliac bone Inquiry
Kin030078B Kin030078B Infiltrating squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of left lower limb Inquiry
Kin030079B Kin030079B Skin melanoma of back Inquiry
Kin030080W Kin030080W Fibrolipoma of left arm Inquiry
Kin030081B Kin030081B Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of abdomen Inquiry
Kin030082B Kin030082B Basal cell carcinoma of right upper eyelid Inquiry
Kin030083B Kin030083B Infiltrating squamous cell carcinoma (grade I) of occipital skin Inquiry
Kin030084B Kin030084B Malignant lymphoma of right nuchae Inquiry
kin030085E kin030085E Skin ulcer of right lower limb Inquiry
Kin030086B Kin030086B malignant melanoma of skin Inquiry
Kin030087E Kin030087E Cutaneous hemorrhoids of anus Inquiry
Kin030088E Kin030088E Soft tissues phlegmon of right leg Inquiry
Kin030089E Kin030089E Inflammatory granulation tissue of left buttock Inquiry
Kin030090B Kin030090B Compound nevus of left foot with local carcinomatous change Inquiry

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