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Thumb Name Organ(Anatomic Site) Pathology diagnosis Price
Lca020030B Lca020030B Chondrosarcoma of left sternum (grade I) Chondrosarcoma Inquiry
Lca020032B Lca020032B Chondrosarcoma of femur superior segment (grade I) Chondrosarcoma of femur superior segment (grade I) Inquiry
Lca030020B Lca030020B Chondrosarcoma of back (grade I) Chondrosarcoma of back (grade I) Inquiry
Lca030024W Lca030024W Enchondromatosis of right tibia Tumor of bone Inquiry
Lca030027B Lca030027B Chondrosarcoma (grade I) of left femur Malignant sarcoma of left femur Inquiry
Lca030038B Lca030038B Dedifferentiation chondrosarcoma of left hip bone Tumor of left hip bone Inquiry
Lca030048B Lca030048B Chondrosarcoma of left ilium (grade I) Tumor of bone Inquiry
Lca030059B Lca030059B Chondrosarcoma of left lower jaw bone (grade III) Chondrosarcoma of left lower jaw bone (grade III) Inquiry
Lca030065B Lca030065B (Sacrococcygeal) low malignant chondrosarcoma (grade I) Chondrosarcoma Inquiry
Lca030066W Lca030066W Chondroma of ribs with cell growth active Tumor of right ribs Inquiry
Lca030067B Lca030067B Chondrosarcoma of left shoulder (grade I) Chondrosarcoma of left shoulder Inquiry
Lca030070W Lca030070W Chondroma of femur Chondroma of femur Inquiry
Lca030071W Lca030071W Chondroma of right femur inferior extremity Tumor of right femur inferior extremity Inquiry
Lca030077B Lca030077B Chondrosarcoma of shoulder (grade I) Chondrosarcoma Inquiry
Lca030082W Lca030082W Myxofibroma of cartilage Tumor of femur Inquiry
Lca030088B Lca030088B Mesenchymal chondrosarcoma of leg Tumor of leg Inquiry
Lca030089B Lca030089B Chondrosarcoma (grade I) of right hand middle finger, infiltrating corium Tumor of right hand middle finger Inquiry
Lca030091B Lca030091B Chondrosarcoma (grade I) Chondrosarcoma Inquiry
Lca030094W Lca030094W Myxoid fibroid of cartilage Myxoid fibroid of cartilage Inquiry
Lca030097W Lca030097W Chondroma of leg Space ouccpying lesion of leg Inquiry
Lca030102W Lca030102W Chondroma of chest wall Chondroma of chest wall Inquiry
Lca030105B Lca030105B Chondrosarcoma of left femur superior segment (grade I) Chondrosarcoma Inquiry
Lca030106W Lca030106W Chondroma of right femur Space ouccpying lesion of right femur Inquiry
Lca030108W Lca030108W Chondroma of femoral head Necrosis of femoral head Inquiry
Lca030113B Lca030113B Chondrosarcoma of left thigh (grade I) Tumor of left thigh Inquiry
Lca030114B Lca030114B Chondrosarcoma of femur inferior segment (grade III) Chondrosarcoma Inquiry
Lca030116W Lca030116W Chondroma of right tibia superior extremity Chondroma of right tibia superior extremity Inquiry
Lca030118W Lca030118W Chondroma of right humerus Multiplex chondroma of right humerus Inquiry
Lca030121B Lca030121B Chondrosarcoma (grade I) of left iliac bone Chondrosarcoma postoperative relapse of left iliac bone Inquiry
Lca030126B Lca030126B Chondrosarcoma of right scapula Space occupying lesion of right scapula (osteosarcoma) Inquiry
Lca030130E Lca030130E Synovial chondromatosis of right hip bone Chondroma of right hip bone Inquiry
Lca030132B Lca030132B Chondrosarcoma of bone (low malignant) Tumor of bone Inquiry
Lca030139B Lca030139B Chondrosarcoma (grade I) of right pollicis Carcinoma of bone Inquiry
Lca030140B Lca030140B Dedifferentiation chondrosarcoma of left foot sole Lump of left feet Inquiry
Lca030141B Lca030141B Osteosarcoma of right femur inferior segment Osteosarcoma postoperative relapse of right femur inferior segment Inquiry
Lca030148B Lca030148B Chondrosarcoma (grade I-II) of right femur Chondrosarcoma of right femur Inquiry
Lca030151W Lca030151W Chondroma of right scapulae Chondrosarcoma of right shoulder Inquiry