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人蜡块固定组织Human fixed tissue (FFPE blocks)

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Aac020002B Aac020002B fibroma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020002B Aac020002B fibroma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020011B Aac020011B Hemolymphangioma of abdomen Inquiry
Aac020017B Aac020017B Infiltrative and metastasic undifferentiation adenocarcinoma in fibrefatty tissue of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020019B Aac020019B Infiltrative and metastatic undifferentiated carcinoma in fibrous tissue of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020020B Aac020020B Leiomyosarcoma of abdominal cavity (low malignant) Inquiry
Aac020023B Aac020023B Undifferentiated carcinoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020046B Aac020046B Inflammatory pseudotumor Inquiry
Aac020048B Aac020048B Chronic lymphocytic leukemia of anterior chest wall Inquiry
Aac020052B Aac020052B Fusiform cell liposarcoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020053B Aac020053B Metastatic carcinoma of lumbar part Inquiry
Aac020062B Aac020062B Fibromatosis of abdominal wall Inquiry
Aac020063B Aac020063B Leiomyosarcoma of abdominal (mid malignant) Inquiry
Aac020072B Aac020072B Paraganglioma of right upper abdomen and inferior vena cava Inquiry
Aac020076B Aac020076B Lymph node metastatic low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of abdominal cavity with necrosis Inquiry
Aac020077B Aac020077B Lymph node metastatic low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of abdominal cavity with necrosis Inquiry
Aac020089B Aac020089B Low-differentiation adenocarcinoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020092B Aac020092B Fibrosarcoma of abdomen (low malignant) Inquiry
Aac020099B Aac020099B Serous and papillary adenocarcinoma in fibrofatty tissue of abdominal cavity (grade III) Inquiry
Aac020119B Aac020119B Metastatic mid-differentiation adeoncarcinoma of right abdominal wall Inquiry
Aac020121B Aac020121B Metastasis carcinoma of abdomen Inquiry
Aac020125B Aac020125B Malignant neurilemmoma of abdomen Inquiry
Aac020130B Aac020130B Low malignant Leiomyosarcoma of left upper abdomen Inquiry
Aac020131B Aac020131B Metastasis low-differentiation mucinous adenocarcinoma of abdominal wall Inquiry
Aac020134B Aac020134B Metastatic signet-ring cell carcinoma in fibrofatty tissue of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020139B Aac020139B Metastatic mid-differentiation adenocarcinoma in fibrofatty tissue of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020142B Aac020142B Malignant Schwannoma Inquiry
Aac020149B Aac020149B High-differentiation liposarcoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020150B Aac020150B Metastatic mucinous adenocarcinoma of abdominal wall Inquiry
Aac020151B Aac020151B Metastatic mucinous adenocarcinoma of abdominal wall Inquiry
Aac020153B Aac020153B Mucinous adenocarcinoma of right lower quadrant Inquiry
Aac020156B Aac020156B Pleomorphic leiomyosarcoma with necrosis of right upper quadrant Inquiry
Aac020159B Aac020159B low malignant leiomyosarcoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020163B Aac020163B Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac020165B Aac020165B Metastatic low-differentiation adenocarcinoma in fibrofatty tissue of retroperitoneal Inquiry
Aac020166B Aac020166B Metastatic low-differentiation adenocarcinoma in fibrofatty tissue of peritoneum Inquiry
Aac02069B Aac02069B Malignant mesothelioma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030018B Aac030018B Myxoliposarcoma of left abdomen Inquiry
Aac030019B Aac030019B Low malignant neurofibrosarcoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030021B Aac030021B Small round cell malignant tumor of abdominal cavity (undifferentiated carcinoma) Inquiry
Aac030024B Aac030024B Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of abdoment (grade III) Inquiry
Aac030030B Aac030030B Moderate malignant leiomyosarcoma of abdomen Inquiry
Aac030042B Aac030042B Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of retroperitnoeum (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Aac030044B Aac030044B Malignant mesenchymoma of peritoneum Inquiry
Aac030050B Aac030050B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of left upper quadrant Inquiry
Aac030069B Aac030069B Malignant lymphoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030077B Aac030077B Desmoid tumor of right lower abdominal wall invasive skeletal muscles tissue around Inquiry
Aac030081B Aac030081B Leiomyosarcoma of right lower abdomen (high malignant) Inquiry
Aac030084B Aac030084B Angiomyolipoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030089B Aac030089B Cystic-solid tumor of abdomen (potertid malignant) Inquiry
Aac030096W Aac030096W Leiomyoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030100E Aac030100E Granulomatous inflammation of abdominal wall Inquiry
Aac030112B Aac030112B Myxoid liposarcoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030122W Aac030122W Lipoma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030143B Aac030143B Mucinous adenocarcinoma of intestinal (grade III) Inquiry
Aac030152B Aac030152B Mesenchymoma of greater omentum (low malignant) Inquiry
Aac030153W Aac030153W Gangliomeuroma of adrenal gland Inquiry
Aac030159B Aac030159B (Lower abdomen) mucinous adenocarcinoma infiltrating connective tissue (grade I) Inquiry
Aac030165W Aac030165W Paraganglioma of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030171B Aac030171B Leiomyosarcoma of abdominal cavity (grade II) Inquiry
Aac030180B Aac030180B Metastatic adenocarcinoma of abdominal wall (grade II) Inquiry
Aac030198B Aac030198B Metastatic transitional cell carcinoma of abdoment (grade II) Inquiry
Aac030205E Aac030205E (Abdominal wall) soft tissue alteration of paragonimiasis Inquiry
Aac030206B Aac030206B Seminoma of lower abdomen with endodermal sinus tumor Inquiry
Aac030208B Aac030208B Lipoma-like liposarcoma of left lower abdomen (grade I) Inquiry
Aac030209B Aac030209B Mesenchymoma of right lower abdomen (moderate malignant) Inquiry
Aac030214B Aac030214B Malignant myofibroblastic tumour of abdominal cavity Inquiry
Aac030218B Aac030218B Intermedia myofibroblastoma of mesentery (potertial malignant) Inquiry
Aac030220B Aac030220B Duct-endocrine carcinoma of pancreas Inquiry
Aac030223B Aac030223B Intraabdominal imflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (potential functional) Inquiry
Amd020008B Amd020008B Malignant teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020038B Amd020038B Ganglioneuroma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020074B Amd020074B Large cell type anaplasia lymphoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020085B Amd020085B Malignant teratoma of mediastinum lower Inquiry
Amd020101B Amd020101B Thymus gland carcinoid of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020102B Amd020102B Large cell carcinoma of left superior anterior mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020103B Amd020103B Infiltrative type thymoma Inquiry
Amd020104B Amd020104B Carcinoma of mediastinum (type C thymoma) Inquiry
Amd020107B Amd020107B Diffuse B cell lymphoma of anterior mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020156B Amd020156B Ganglioneuroma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd020168B Amd020168B Lymph node reactive hyperplasia of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030009B Amd030009B Low malignant neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030013B Amd030013B Solid immature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030017W Amd030017W Solid mature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030032W Amd030032W Mature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030038W Amd030038W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030045W Amd030045W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030047B Amd030047B Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030048B Amd030048B Small cell carcinoma of right mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030061B Amd030061B Fibrous malignant mesenchymoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030063B Amd030063B Diffuse T cell malignant lymphoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030073B Amd030073B Yolk sac tumor of mediastinum with immature teratoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030087B Amd030087B Semioma of left anterior mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030088W Amd030088W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030097W Amd030097W Lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030114W Amd030114W Neurilemmoma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030121B Amd030121B Type B1 thymoma of mediastinum (potential malignant) Inquiry
Amd030123W Amd030123W Neurilemmoma of right upper mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030125W Amd030125W Ganglioneuroma of mediastinum Inquiry
Amd030126B Amd030126B Typical seminoma of mediastinum Inquiry

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